Support & Access to the system and subjects

Is your centre already on SOLAR?

You may not need to contact SQA to get access. The search box below should be used to find if your centre is already on SOLAR. If so, the listed contact(s) will have the correct permissions to create an account for you. (Our video materials can help as a reference guide.)


If your centre is not listed, you/ or a nominated contact should view all of the video materials below to understand the main functionality of the system before making a request for a login.


Video Materials

Our materials are short interactive video guides or screenshot steps showing how to use the standard functions of SOLAR.

These will be updated to reflect system changes as they arise. Each category has functionality listed for that topic.


How to create and find staff members records. (Also highlights how to re-set passwords.)
(For types of User please see the Roles and Permissions table)



How to create, search for and edit an individual record and uploading multiple records at once.
How to organise candidate records into groups for scheduling.
How to download the SecureAssess App to your tablet from Google Play


How to set up assessments for candidates.
How to deliver a scheduled assessment on a laptop or by USB without internet connection.
How and what you can change in a scheduled assessment.
How to remove an assessment from live scheduling.
How to find the results for assessments.
How to mark questions from an assessment which are set to 'human marking' in SOLAR.


How to set an assessment for higher conditions of security. (Printing the pack and the login functions are also included.)


Digital Question Paper Pilot

How to download the required software, how to schedule the assessments and run these on the day required).

(For centres who no longer have Administrators please compete the request for access below.)



Once you/ or your nominated contact feel confident in using the system, click on the link for Access Request below and complete the form. (Please ensure to complete this form in full and review all reference links.)

If your centre requires access to an additional subject click the link for Additional Subject Request and complete the form. Centre Administrators should make all requests for new subject areas. This will allow centres to allocate subjects across all relevant users.

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