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Changes to SOLAR - 2021 updates

Dec 2021 - New release of Surpass (12.28)

A new version of the main Surpass system will be launched on Thursday 16th December. This relates to the main system and not to the Viewer. No major changes are expected so users should see no differences.
All scheduled tests should run as normal without issue.
If you have SecureClient installed you must make sure you have at least version 12.25 for the auto update to continue. If you do not have 12.25 or later installed before close of business on Wednesday you will have to un-install and re-install SecureClient on Friday. 
Should you experience any issues with test delivery please contact our Helpdesk.

Oct 2021 - New release of Surpass (12.27)

Specific screens and the location of functionality have changed due to the latest release of the software that underpins SOLAR. This relates to the main system and not to the Viewer.

We suggest that you should continue to use:
  • The Viewer for creating/editing/results for Flash tests 
  • Chrome/ Safari Browser for HTML tests.
The Flash version of the screens for the Invigilate and Results tabs are no longer available. You can still access the tabs for these screens via the Viewer but the look and feel will have changed and you cannot change between 'Flash' and 'HTML'. The filter at the top of your screen for these pages is no longer available.
The Schedule and Mark tabs have a filter and this has been edited to 'Standard’ and ‘Legacy' (if you have a small screen you will only see a toggle switch). If you select ‘Legacy’ you can use the older version of the screen functions.
Please note that this does not affect any tests you have created or candidates interaction with the tests.
We have created documents and are preparing video guides to assist all users with the functions and amendments in the screens and will release these as quickly as possible.
You can view all the changes which have taken place in the documents on the Guidance page.


SOLAR website issues resolved

All links and pages on the website have been restored - you should ensure you have not bookmarked any previous verion of the website pages and clear your cache for all time. Please use Google search to find the homepage

Apr 2021 - Beginning roll out of HTML content

As from the 12th April we will begin to roll out, per month, some subjects/ tests available for HTML. Centres should review the list of Available Assessments to see which subjects are available and the delivery methods to be used. We will also update the News item on the Homepage with new subjects as they become available. In general we will be looking to retire the Flash versions of these except where this is not yet possible to do so. Please review more information on this with our HTML delivery guidance

Feb 2021 - Issues with Viewer after update

Any centres having issues with the SOLAR website after the last Viewer update please review this document for the resolution  - Issues with SOLAR website after Viewer Update (33 KB)

Jan 2021 - New Update (Re-set Password)

Re-set password links will still open in your browser - we cannot edit this regretfully - please follow the steps to change your password as normal but then close the account and open this again in the Viewer by clicking the Centre Login button on the SOLAR website.

Surpass Viewer Installation. (Mandatory for all Flash users)

To allow continued use of the system for all Flash subjects/ tests, every user will be required to install software called Surpass Viewer. Full installation and support guides are available in the Guidance section of the site under Guidance Documents. Every user must install the Viewer to continue to be able to use the SOLAR Flash content from Jan 2021.

Using the system in Viewer

SOLAR is changing to move towards an HTML-based software instead of Flash-based software. However as yet you are still only using Flash content . Although you can see HTML screens please do NOT use them. These screens are - ScheduleInvigilate, Mark and Results.

When you log in to the system after these changes the default option for each screen will be for HTML but will have a filter to review back to content which is still Flash based. You will be required to change the filter option back to Flash every time you access the system and in each screen. The images below show how the new screens will work. (As of Jan 2021 you will not need to accept Flash as this will be inbuilt to the Viewer, but you will still need to change the filter.)

(Initial screen after log in)

Screenshot of the HTML version of the Invigilate page within Surpass


(Screen view after selecting flash filter – after accepting Flash use).

Screenshot of Flash version of the Invigilate page within Surpass

You can then use SOLAR as normal.

This will be required each time you access the system.