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Failure to enter the Scottish Candidate Number

We have reviewed our records and need to urgently repeat this message. Details of this have been posted on the main Homepage of the Surpass Administration Site since last year's change to the system.


All centres MUST include the Scottish Candidate Number (SCN) when creating candidates on SOLAR.

If the SCN is not entered in the candidate reference field, the system will generate an automated number. The automated number is NOT valid for verification or certification purposes. Any test carried out by a candidate used with this listing is not valid.

If you are creating a Dummy candidate this must include the centre name and TEST in the naming convention. 

Candidates with automated numbers in the candidate reference field will continue to be retired from SOLAR to avoid issues with verification and certification. Centres will need to upload these candidates again with the correct SCN.Any tests taken will have to be repeated.

Guides to creating and uploading candidates on SOLAR are available on our training videos.