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SOLAR functionality Update

We have updated the following functions on SQA SOLAR:

Bulk scheduling
It is now possible to schedule candidate tests in bulk when using SQA SOLAR. Centres have been required to schedule candidate tests one at a time and this new functionality will make it quicker, easier and more convenient to schedule candidate tests.

Full training on how to use this function is available as a video in the Guidance section of the SOLAR website.

Downloading tests using SecureClient or the SOLAR app
From 13 May 2019, when downloading tests for candidates to complete offline, you will have a maximum of seven days to upload the completed tests to SOLAR for resulting or candidates’ test results will be lost.To avoid delay we advise you to ensure the candidate has closed the test correctly.

The new seven-day window will make it easier to reschedule unfinished tests that have been left open on the system. When an unfinished test is left open, it cannot be rescheduled until the window for uploading has ended – which is currently 14 days. Reducing this window to seven days means it will be possible to reschedule the tests sooner.

When you download a test, please ensure that it is completed and uploaded to the system as quickly as possible within the seven-day window. This will reduce the risk of candidates’ test scripts being lost when stored locally.

Please note that this change only applies to tests that are downloaded and completed offline when using SecureClient or the SOLAR app. It does not apply to standard online tests.

If you have any questions about the above changes, please email