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If you are looking to schedule an assessment, edit content or access results then click the button below. If you are not registered for SOLAR then please go to the Support section.


Access your assessment by clicking the button below. Next enter your unique assessment keycode from your tutor. (PC/ laptop screen resolution must be 1024 x 768)


Providing access for learners and tutors to stimulating formative assessments, enhanced with rich context-specific feedback. No login is required to access these assessments.


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We have a range of support resources to help you make the most of SOLAR. You can also check your centre is registered or request access to the system or additional subjects.


The range of assessments, both formative and summative, available through SOLAR is constantly increasing. You can get the latest information by clicking on the button below.

Personal Finance Assessements updated to allow tablet delivery

Both Money Management and The Principles of Money assessments have been update to allow tablet delivery. (Please click the header to view content.)

e-Assessment webinar

Unique 3 country e-assessment webinar, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. (To view full content please click the header.)

General Maintenance Request

All SOLAR users are encouraged to update their systems on a regular basis. (Please click header to view content)

e-assessments for Lifeskills Maths Courses at Nat 3, Nat 4 and Nat 5

e-assessments for Lifeskills Maths Courses at Nat 3, Nat 4 and Nat 5. (Please click the title to view content.)

From 1 August 2015, all SOLAR e-assessments for Lifeskills Mathematics at National 3, 4 and 5 will be structured to assess at Outcome level.

SOLAR Customer Service Availability

Provided are a list of dates whenthere will be limited or no SOLAR Helpdesk provision. SOLAR will continue to be available and responses to queries provided on our return.(Please click the title to view content)

Lifeskills Mathematics Reminder about marking

Important information in relation to marking of assessments of Lifeskills Mathematics National 3/4 & 5 (Please click heading to view content)


OpenAssess improvements. (Please click on the title to view content.)

Lifeskills Mathematics National 5: update

New Numeracy (National 5) Bridging Assessment. (Please click the header to view content).

Lifeskills Mathematics Nat 2/3/4/5: Update

Information regarding Lifeskills Maths, National 2/3/4/5.(Please click the title to view content.)