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UK Centres Guide to SOLAR

The sections below explain what SOLAR is, how to get access and where to get support.

What is SOLAR?

SOLAR is SQA's online eassessment system. SOLAR allows approved centres to register candidates to complete tests for their specified subject.

Before candidates can be created on SOLAR, they must be registered with SQA Connect to ensure you have a valid Scottish Candidate Number for them. You must also submit results from SOLAR to SQAConnect for candidates to get their certificates.

SOLAR is free to use by SQA approved centres for approved subjects.

For the purposes of SOLAR all assessments are called tests.

What subjects are available?

To see what subjects and assessments are available to your centre please view our List of Available Assesments. The list provides details of assessment timings, delivery methods, the marks or percentage rates required to pass each assessment and other relevant information.

SQA's Higher National (HN) qualifications are not available for delivery outside Scotland.

Your centre can only be given access to subjects that your centre is approved to deliver. We do not automatically give access to new subjects so you would request these using our online form which can be found under the menu listing: Contact Us - SOLAR Helpdesk Form. Or you can click this link - Helpdesk Request Form.

How do I get started?

Approved centres can request access to SOLAR. All users can use this short form to request access, System Access Request.All users who will be accessing the system must watch the training videos. These videos will help you understand basic functions of the system and how it works.

New centres should have reviewed the details from ABOUT SOLAR and this centre guide list.

The system currently requires the use of Flash Player and allowing of pops ups through your browser for the SOLAR website. Adobe Reader is also required to be installed to use to see reporting information. Please refer to the Guidance Dcouments to download the Surpass Viewer to use the system.

Please refer to the full site map of the SOLAR website to show you what each section of the site contains.

How do I schedule assessments for my candidates?

Once you have received your account login you would use the SOLAR website to login and schedule your candidate(s).

Using the training videos from the Guidance Section you will understand how to add candidates into the system, schedule assessments and how to use the access codes (Keycode) to start the assessments. 

You will need to add candidates to SOLAR to be able to schedule them for an assessment. When this is complete the system will create access codes (Keycodes) for each candidate. This keycode is used only once by the candidate to complete their assessment.

If a candidate does not pass the assessment and needs to sit the assessment again, they should be given time for feedback and revision. Use the same steps as before to schedule an assessment to create a new keycode. Please read SQA's Guide to Assessment for information.

Centres must always use SOLAR's content under full assessment conditions.

What do I do if I have a problem?

All centres should review the Training materials for guidance on candidate set up, (Including Assessment Arrangements), scheduling, human marking, setting manual Invigilation of a test and much more.

The search box at the top of the site can also be used to look up problems that you have and show FAQs.

The Contact Us section on the SOLAR website has a form called SOLAR Helpdesk Support which you can use to contact us with a problem or if this is urgent you can call us on 0345 213 5060 from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.

Full details of the available dates of the helpdesk are listed on the Homepage News. The homepage of the SOLAR website will also show our news about new, or revisions to current tests