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Guidance documents

Most Recent Changes to the Surpass System

Specific screens and the location of functionality have changed due to the latest release of the software that underpins SOLAR. This relates to the main system and not to the Viewer.

We suggest that you should continue to use:

  • The Viewer for creating/editing/results for Flash tests
  • Chrome/ Safari Browser for HTML tests.

The Flash version of the screens for the Invigilate and Results tabs are no longer available. You can still access the tabs for these screens via the Viewer but the look and feel will have changed and you cannot change between 'Flash' and 'HTML'. The filter at the top of your screen for these pages is no longer available.

The Schedule and Mark tabs have a filter and this has been edited to 'Standard’ and ‘Legacy' (if you have a small screen you will only see a toggle switch). If you select ‘Legacy’ you can use the older version of the screen functions.

Please note that this does not affect any tests you have created or candidates interaction with the tests.

We have created documents that you can view below and  are in the process of preparing video guides to assist all users with the functions and amendments in the screens and will release these as quickly as possible.

These guides update on all the changes that have taken place.


Here is a guidance document about the overall use of the full system.

  • Using Surpass 12 (327 KB) (To follow)

Using SecureClient Delivery 

Installation and Using the SurpassViewer to see Flash content 

Surpass Viewer - (Mandatory requirement for Flash delivery from Jan 2021)

We have created some documents to assist centres in installing and running the Surpass Viewer which will allow continued use of the system for users* beyond Dec 2020.

*Please review both the installation guide and FAQ for full information.

We will continue to update these pages with more infomation and guidance as required.

The Viewer is not required for HTML scheduling or Delivery, please see the news item on New Subjects on the Homepage and the List of Available Assessments for updates.


Some guidance notes on accessibility for IOS - (This is a third party link and SQA is not responsible for the content)

Some guidance notes on accessibility for Android - (This is a third party link and SQA is not responsible for the content)

Centres are advised to review all devices and delivery for candidates prior to tests being used. A dummy candidate can run any test in a centre to check conditions. We advise that use of a bluetooth mouse is best for screenreaders on portable devices.

If you have questions about any of the documentation then please contact the SOLAR Helpdesk. Please also make use of our Chatbot and the search box option on the website.