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Centres guidance on HTML subjects and tests

As from the 12th April we will begin to rollout new HTML versions of the SOLAR subjects, here is some guidance for centres.

You should review the List of Available Assessments (Now with an improved search option) to see what new subjects will be available from 12th April and also to see what delivery methods are available. We will then release additional subjects/ tests on a monthly basis. We will update the Homepage news item on New Subjects and the List of Available Assessments prior to releases. We will also look to release information in the SQA Centre News.

We will in general transfer current centres to the new subjects where possible once released so that these do not have to be requested. There will however be some exceptions.(Subjects where App use is available centres should request access to the new HTML if they only wish to deliver on the browser - the new subjects will be listed as HTML on the Request for Additional Subjects form.)

HTML content at present is listed as Laptop and PC delivery through browser. We are still testing use of Chromebooks and i-pads/ tablets for content being delivered outside of the Surpass App. (Not the Viewer)

Subjects/ tests where the Surpass App delivery was available for tests will remain so that centres do not initially have to change the devices they deliver on. However review should be made on this frequently as the Flash App will not remain indefinitely. (We are working with our software suppliers on a new HTML App but as yet there is no date for release.)

When a Flash test is going to be removed from the scheduling option we will give centres 14 days to use existing keycodes before this is removed. Centres will then have to schedule using the HTML version of the test. The subject listings will remain so that results data can be reviewed.

In general if a centre requests the HTML version of the subject they will not be able to schedule as Flash through Viewer or the Surpass App once changed. However some subjects will not be able to be completely available as HTML versions - any subject containing a Computer Based Project (CBP) will have to use the Flash version of that 'test' and scheduled and run on the SurpassViewer, any Computer Based Tests (CBT) in the subject will be available as HTML and scheduled run on the browser. This will all be detailed on the List of Available Assessments.