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Guidance to centres on Remote Assessment

Guidance to centres on Remote Assessment. (Please click header to view content.)

Conversion of Assessment to SOLAR

SQA is working towards making available suitable prior verified assessments (either SQA or centre devised) through SOLAR to support SQA qualifications. 

Quality Network Week - SOLAR Session

Quality Network Week Information

SOLAR - New subjects

SOLAR - New Subjects

SOLAR Helpdesk Availability

Dates on which SOLAR Helpdesk has either no or limited availability.

Changes to SOLAR (Surpass system)

Updates on SOLAR for all users.

Contacting SOLAR Helpdesk

Contact SOLAR Helpdesk 

Health & Safety in a Construction Environment - Assessment Update

Subject update - Health & Safety in a Construction Environment

Print Invigilation Pack

Print Invigilation Pack.

Correct use of Summative Tests

Correct use of Summative Tests.

Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders SCQF 6

New SOLAR SCPLH & Refresher Qualifications. 

Changes to SOLAR (Surpass system)

Guidance on what will happen with subjects and tests once HTML versions are available.